Features of Poso

Post your listing on multiple platform under a minute

Just login to poso then chose property type, chose your platform and then upload your listing details and it's done.You have posted your listing in multiple platform within minute without any problems.

Sync your existing listings

You can upload a bunch of existing listings at once through excel or you can download our listing template excel, add the listing data and reupload it to us.

Add new listings

You can also add your new listing through the same process of uploading bulk listing after downloading our listing template or add it one by one using our forms.

Select the websites to make your listings live

You can select your preferred website from the options and post your listing without any problems. Please take care to fill the details correctly otherwise it may get rejected by the websites.

Edit your listing anytime on any platform

You can edit your listings as per your preference for all the websites at one go or choose only one website to edit your listings. We will sync the updated listings to the platform chosen by you and update you

Get preview url for each listing on each website

We will email you your listing url for each platform to the email-id that you had provided during signup. Also you would be able to check the urls from our dashboard.

Get notified on the status of each listing

You will get notification within 2 days of your posting that whether your listing is sent to your preferred platform or got rejected due to a missing detail or for other reasons.

Control your listing's visibility from one place

You can change or edit your listing in poso and it will change in the platforms selected by you.

Stay updated about each listings expiry dates

You will get updates for your listings by sms / email and the update is also available on poso Notifications area. The expiry date for each listing on each platform is also available to you.

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