Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be charged

No we won't be charging you any fee to use our website.

Can I post more than one property

Yes you can post as many listings as you wish to.

Can I upload my existing listings

Yes you can upload your existing listings

Do I need to have paid accounts with the portals

It depends on the websites that you choose to post. Some allow free listings while others require you to have a paid account.

How can I upload my listings

You have the following options

  1. Fill our form and add listings data
  2. Download our listing template , add listings data to it and then upload it
  3. Upload your existing listings template
  4. Provide links to the listings that are available on the portal
  5. Allow a remote login to your account in any one of the portals

Can I delete any listing

Yes you can delete any listing or picture from either a particular website or from all websites.

How do I know my listings are posted

We display the status of every listing and pictures and send you regular notifications and keep you updated on the status updates.

Is my data safe with you

Yes your data is 100% safe with us. We will not share your data with any third party without your consent and approval.

How much time does it take for the listings to go live

Typically it takes a days time if you have provided all the required details in the correct way. In case of delays we will notify you and you can take actions on it.

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