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Multiple Real estate platform management system for Agents and Owners

Poso is a single platform to manage and market all your property listings on multiple websites. With Poso you can grow your business and close more leads leading to more sales. You can use post your listings on Poso once and then select the websites you want your listings to go live. Once you have selected the websites then your listings are made live on the selected websites.We update you about the progress and status of the listings.

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Features of Poso

Poso offers you the easiest way to manage your inventory and market your listings on multiple online platforms.

Our unique and easy to use platforms has many features to help you close more deals.

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How Poso Works

Poso is designed to help you ease the pain to list and market your property on multiple online platforms.

We reduce your time spent on managing listings so that you close more deals.

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Get more visibility across online platforms
Multi-fold increase in leads
Always have fresh inventory and keep getting the best leads
Spend less time to manage properties online and close more leads
Brand and listings consistency across the top platforms
Post Premium Listings on the fly
Manage higher inventory with ease
Get one to one help and support

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